How to Apply Lipstick on Slimmer Lips Perfectly

These steps will give your lips a plump, attractive look.

Some people are blessed with plump, juicy lips. You can still highlight your natural features if you are able to apply lipstick with slimmer lips. You can instantly transform your look with the right color and texture of lipstick. Trust us, smooth gliding of the lipstick shade can make your lips look fuller and more appealing. Scroll down to find the details.

How to Apply Lipstick to Slimmer Lips


Lip Liners

Lip Brush

Lip Gloss (optional).

How to Apply Lipstick To Slimmer Lips

This tutorial will show you how to apply lipstick to achieve slimmer lips.

Step 1

Before you apply lipstick, examine your lips. Before you apply lipstick, check to see if your lower lip is thinner than your upper lip.

After analyzing your lips, prepare your lips using a lip conditioner, or a lip primer. This creates a smooth base for easy application.

You can start by applying a lip pencil. It gives you complete control and enhances your lips shape. Make sure you sharpen your lipstick pencil.

Step 2

Begin the application by drawing a line across the bow of the cupid. Draw a line from the tip of the lip to the corners.

This tutorial shows how I draw the lips of the model while keeping her natural line.

Soften your lines and avoid using sharp lines to make your lips appear fuller.

Step 3

Once you’re done with your upper lip, move on to the lower lip.

Start at the corners and work your way to the center. The line can be drawn using short strokes.

To maintain balance, I have slightly overdrawn my upper lip. I will keep the lower lip shape.

Fill the entire lip with the same lipstick pencil.

Lip liner can make lipstick last longer by filling your lips with it.

Step 4

Using a lip brush allows for precise application . Use the brush to apply lipstick on the lips in short strokes. Blend the lipstick evenly all over the lips.

Apply a concealer to the edges and corners of your lips using a brush. This adds definition and polishes your lips.

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