Two Popular DIY Methods for Making Natural Lip Stains

You don’t have to worry about using chemical-laden products on your lips.

Natural lip stains can be used to color your lips without making them darken or greasy. Lip stains can be customized as needed, unlike lipsticks which need to be reapplied every few weeks.

Natural lip stains can also give your lips a nice color and finish, making them appear plump and full of life

A beautiful smile is a reflection of the twinkle in your eye’s eyes. And when it has color, it adds icing to the cake. Here are some lip stains that you can easily make at home. Continue reading!

Lip Stains: Why?

Even color

Sober end

Staying power:

No chemicals are required if they are made at home

Lip stains are usually thin and give your lips a natural color. Natural lip stains are easy to make. You can make your own natural lip stain from fruits and vegetables you have in your kitchen.

Let’s get into making our own lip stains using some delicious recipes.

Natural Lip Stain with Berries

You can choose berries from different types to get the color you desire, such as pinks, reds, and purples.

Mix four berries together and squeeze the juice.

You can apply the juice to your lips and let it dry. You can give your lips a glossy finish by adding some olive oil to the mix or Vaseline.

For a deeper hue, you can add some espresso powder.

For pigmented lips, use Beetroot Lip Stain

Berry stain can be described as a delicately tinted shade. If we have to beautify lips with pigment, we can use berry stain. The beauty of beetroots is that they can conceal them and give them a beautiful dark tint.

Take half a teaspoon beeswax, and melt it in the double boiler.

To this melted honey wax, add a teaspoon of olive oil.

Mix the beetroot powder into the mixture. Stir well. Alternativly, you can also use strained mashed honeyroot pulp.

Keep this lip stain in an airtight container. This lip stain will give you soft, pink lips.

Are you ready? What natural lip stain are you going to make at home?

You can also make a quick lip color that isn’t natural. Simply use an eyeshadow and mix some rosewater. For a long-lasting and quick lip color, apply the colored liquid to your lips. This should be done with a high-quality brand eyeshadow.

Try mixing children’s drink powders such as Strawberry or cherry kool-aids/rasna with some water. Layer on using your fingers/ear buds.

These natural ingredients will give you a healthy appearance. These natural ingredients will nourish and moisturize your skin.

For maximum longevity, keep the lip stains in the refrigerator or freezer

As they are not preservative-free, make sure to check the stains for fungal growth.

These stains can also be used as blushers and cheek stains. Blend them by simply adding a dot.

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Infographic: How to Apply Lip Stain: A Comprehensive Guide

Lip stains can give your lips a flushed appearance without making them feel heavy or sticky. They’re easy to use and offer excellent coverage all day. If used properly, lip tints can make your pout look fuller and more smooth. The infographic below will show you how to prepare your pout and apply lipsticks.

Lip stains are becoming more popular than lipsticks because of their light texture, color payoff and natural flush. You can follow our recipes to make your own natural lip stains. These stains look great on the lips and are very gentle. You can use them as cheek tints! Follow these instructions to make your own lip color.

Are you able to remove lip stains?

You must remove lip stains in order to see the beautiful color it left behind.

What’s the difference between lipstick and lip stain?

Lipsticks and lip stains can give your lips color. However, they work in different ways. Lipstick stains your lips and lasts throughout the day. Lipstick sticks to the lips but fades over time and needs to be reapplied. Lipsticks are usually a solid product, while lip stains tend to be a gloss or gel.

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