DIY: How to Color Your Lips Pink with Beetroot

These steps will show you how to make your lips pinker with beetroot. You usually go out and buy everything you think will help you achieve this look. You splurge and buy lip balms, tints, and lip scrubs. It’s easy to overlook the list of chemicals involved in making them. You don’t want to see the long list of chemicals involved in making them.

Beetroot for the lips

Beetroot is the star of this DIY. Anyone who has ever touched a beetroot will know that it stains everything. It makes sense to make a lip product from it. Beetroot gives your lips a beautiful pink tint while also clearing up any pigmentation. This is lip makeup at it’s best. How to use it? For clear and thorough instructions, read on.

Requirements Products

  • A medium-sized beetroot
  • Coconut oil
  • Food processor
  • Strainer
  • Small container

How to Prepare Beetroot Lip Stain for Pink Lips

These steps will give you a baby pink and soft look.

Step 1: Make Beetroot Residue

Wash the beetroot with warm water. Next, remove the outer layer. Then, cut the beetroot into small pieces and place it in a food processor. The beetroot should be completely mash until it is dry and has a visible watery residue.

Step 2: Keep it

Strain the juice from the grated beetroot carefully and ensure that nothing else gets in it. Store it in a sealed container for future use. To store the tint, I used an old lipstick case. You must sterilize the container or jar you use. Make sure the container is clean by wiping off any residue product, washing it well, and then sterilizing it with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Add coconut oil

To the beetroot tint, add about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. You can use a little bit more coconut oil if you want a sheerer lip color. The formula for the lip tint will be dry on your lips if you use less than one teaspoon of oil. As they moisturize lips well, you can substitute the coconut oil for honey and beeswax.

Blend the mixture with a spoon or toothpick. Blend the mixture with a spoon or toothpick.

The lip tint will appear soft pink once it has been applied. It will oxidize in just a few minutes and your lips will turn a beautiful reddish-plum color. This looks amazing on all skin tones! For a more natural, soft look, you can apply it one time or layer it to increase the intensity.

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