The Complete History of Lipsticks

Discover the story of how the red dab on your lips evolved into the wonderful thing it is today.

Lipstick has a long history dating back to ancient times. Lipstick isn’t new.

However, some formulations may be. These lipsticks have advanced to the point that we can personalize our looks according to our skin tones and colors. Many brands have gone through many processing stages to achieve perfect shades and pigmentation . Modern lipsticks contain many fruits, flavors, essential oils and other ingredients to nourish and hydrate your lips. There are many shades of lipstick on the market. These range from a dominant red lipstick to a neutral shade lipstick. You can also choose from a matte or shimmery finish that will make them glowy and blend well with your skin. Continue reading to learn more about their evolution.

These are some quotes that highlight their power:

Coco Chanel: “If you feel sad, put more lipstick on and attack.”

Elizabeth Taylor: “Pour yourself some wine, put on lipstick, and get together.”

Makeup was an ancient status symbol. Both men and women used to apply makeup. Makeup was not only beautiful, but also had medicinal properties. Sumerian civilization is credited with being the first to use lipsticks. The natural ingredients that gave rise to the stain were fruits, henna and clay rust. The Mesopotamian women were a bit more extravagant and used precious jewels ground to enhance their lips.

Perhaps the first true lipstick-lovers were Egyptians. They were known for their striking shades of purple and black. Carmine dye can still be found in lipsticks and other products. But, Egyptians used dangerous substances such as lead and a mixture of bromine man-nite iodine that could cause serious illnesses or even death.

Abulcasis, an Arab scientist, invented the solid lipstick in 9 AD. His first invention was a stock to apply perfume, which could then be pressed into molds. He also tried it with different colors and created solid lipstick.

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